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I met my fiance while working at his prison so I too have heard all this and more.

1) I don't think looks have anything to do with it! These men are in prison for heaven's sake they aren't blind. I have never had an issue with my looks or anything like that. I work out and take care of myself. I have been told I'm rather attractive by more than one person. I have never had a problem getting a man on the outside so it's not like I was hard up for a man when I met my incarcerated fiance. Whoever came up with the notion that MWI's are fat and ugly and can't get a man on the outside has some flawed thinking going on. Besides what I consider fat and ugly may be another's idea of beauty and perfection.

2) I think anyone, woman or man, that takes the time to write to inmates is showing that they have compassion and understanding for others. I think you have to have pretty high self-esteem to be able to step outside your world in order to make someone else's life a little more pleasant. I don't see it as asking for trouble either.

3) People are brought into our lives in so many different ways and if a connection is established during one of those mis-dialed numbers I would look at it as God's will.

Sure there are gonna be tons of inmates that play the people they meet on the inside, but how is that so different than the games men on the outside play? A relationship is a realtionship no matter how it gets started. Just b/c my fiance happened to be in prison when we met does not mean that he totally forgot what females on the outside look like ya know? It's not like he instantly changed the type of woman he goes for as soon as the gate closed behind him. My man knows what he likes, TDOC hasn't changed that, and he knows he got himself everything his little heart has ever desired when he got me! ; }

'til death do us part

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