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Originally Posted by QUEENDRURY
yes i would.i wanted to do it then and i want to do it now.but as things stand i had my tubes tied and cut before i met him.after like two years i told him that i wanted to do some research to see if there was any way i can carry his child and he flat out said broke my heart.when i told him that it may be risky cuz they would have to correct what i had done he wasn't going.he said he loves me too much to let me take a chance that may hurt me or even kill mind had thought it all out-i would have my tubes untied,as far as them being cut i was willing to let the doctor's artificially inject me with his sperm -i was thinking that maybe i'd have to have a c-section but i didn't even get to research my idea cuz my love wasn't having it.i really don't think it would be all that risky- DO YOU?besides LIL DRURY wouldn't hurt me.yes he has a name.i only came up with my screen name when i signed on prison talk but i've always had the baby's name.CAN IT BE DONE?HIT ME BAC ASAP!!!
having your tubes tied is not a dangerous process to undo, nor does it prevent you from being able to have a child. all it does it prevent the egg from being fertilized by sperm. perhaps you should research the procedure that you had done so you can understand it better.

if all else failed, you would be able to have an egg taken from your ovaries and fertilized by his sperm. it is easy for you to still have a child, and not dangerous at all. you can still hold a baby, carry it to term, and have a vaginal delivery, because tying your tubes doesn't affect anything except your fallopian tubes, which do not hold the child when you're pregnant (your uterus does).
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