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yes i would.i wanted to do it then and i want to do it now.but as things stand i had my tubes tied and cut before i met him.after like two years i told him that i wanted to do some research to see if there was any way i can carry his child and he flat out said broke my heart.when i told him that it may be risky cuz they would have to correct what i had done he wasn't going.he said he loves me too much to let me take a chance that may hurt me or even kill mind had thought it all out-i would have my tubes untied,as far as them being cut i was willing to let the doctor's artificially inject me with his sperm -i was thinking that maybe i'd have to have a c-section but i didn't even get to research my idea cuz my love wasn't having it.i really don't think it would be all that risky- DO YOU?besides LIL DRURY wouldn't hurt me.yes he has a name.i only came up with my screen name when i signed on prison talk but i've always had the baby's name.CAN IT BE DONE?HIT ME BAC ASAP!!!
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