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Originally Posted by starting over
I do not know how anyone could consider doing such a disservice to the child by having a baby while the father is in jail/prison. Many of the men inside are there because of a poor, single parent upbringing. Why would anyone want to start of a child's life know the father is not going to be around? I agree with you Charlie.
I happen to be one of those people who has a child that was conceived while her father was in prison. She happens to be a healthy, outgoing, smart, articulate and beautiful little girl who will turn 10 on August 8th. She has flourished despite my husband being in prison. She is the apple of her imprisoned fathers eye and has a very wonderful relationship with him despite him being incarcerated. He is the center of her world as well and she is proud of who he is and how much he has changed since being in prison.
Just because a man is incarcerated does not mean he can't be a father. He can't be a full time father, but he can be a father. My husband is included in every aspect of both of our daughters lives. Our oldest was ten months old when he was sentenced on his first bid. He is a terrific father who loves both of his daughters with all that he is.
I do not consider having my daughter a disservice to her. She is blessed to be healthy and have two parents who love her very much. Her father might be in prison, but that doesn't mean he is any less of a father.
I do not regret my choice and I never will.
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