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My hubby is not a lifer, but I think that I would like to have his child. I am not getting any younger..even though I am only 27. When i had my first child, I was a high risk pregnancy and I spent the last 3 months in the hospital due to my health and also the baby's health. When I went in for my post-pregnancy checkup, my neonatologist told me that if I wanted to have more babies then I would have to do it quick.
Well I got together with my husband while he was on the inside, but I have known him for 15 years. Since we were 12 years old. We have spoken about him wanting children because he will be down for about 10 years but that is still in the air as far as how long he will get. He was sentenced to that long. I told him about my first experience with being pregnant and he doesn't want to have to risk anything with my health or an unborn child's health, so he said that he would not worry about it and accept my child as his own. I am having the baby woes where i want to be pregnant again, and i told him that I would love to be pregnant by him and have another baby.
Now all we have to work on is those family visits, and then maybe we can make something happen...

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