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I know all about being a single mom and doing it on my own with 2 boys and lil gurl now. Its hard but I get by. If I was to continue to be on my feet and I had the chance then I would with Tommy. As silly as it may sound Tommy is doing "18 to life" and first parole hearing isn't til there is a chance hes NOT gonna get out anytime soon. We talk about kids all the time and he wants a lil gurl and I already know how hard it would be with out him helping me out here. Thats life tho....would I want it to be different? Heck yea but I can't have that choice in the matter so I would take and deal with what we have NOW. While he doesn't have any children I know he would be a great father cause of how he is to mine. I understand alot of woman wouldn't want their child to have to get to know their own dad thru prison but I know how close me and Tommy are and there wouldn't be a time that our child wouldn't go with me to see em. Tommy grew up visiting his own mother in prison..while I wouldn't prefer it on anyone but I know whats right for me and him and our relationship. I know that the child would deff be loved and taken care of by me no matter if Tommy could be here or not and that is all that matters.....
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