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No, I would definitely not do it. I grew up with my dad always being incarcerated, and I wouldnt want to put my children through the same thing I went through. Plus I wouldnt want Rick to ever miss out on any of the beautiful moments that parenthood holds. I dont have any kids, and I wouldnt want to get pregnant and have a baby because I would want to share EVERY MOMENT with him. Rick already has a son with someone else whom he has never even been able to hold, the baby boy is 2 yrs old, and it saddens me so much that he is missing out on his little one's life. He cant be there for his son, wasnt there when he was born, had his first tooth come out, started crawling, walking, and now that he is learning to talk. Rick has only seen his baby twice.... nope, woudlnt do it!
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