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definitely no.

we have a newborn son & i had him a week after my husband was locked up. that was the worst! not being able to share the moment with him is still very painful. he missed out & i missed out on something so beautiful. our son is a blessing & we would NEVER trade him for the world, but the next time around my husband will be at home. PERSONALLY (this is just my opinion), i think it's somewhat selfish to PURPOSELY create a child knowing that his father will not be able to be around for the day-to-day care/bonding. if it is something you can't control, that's different, but to TRY to purposely become pregnant while your partner is serving a long bid, that isn't good for the you, your man, or the child. each of you will miss out & be hurt and frustrated. i look at my son everyday & i am so sad because his father can't be there to watch him grow. his father is sad because he is missing out on our son's growth and funny faces, and babbles, and coos. so no, we will definitely be waiting until he comes to have another child.

just my 2 cents.
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