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Originally Posted by stevesgirl_1
He is SSCF. I just found his picture..I dont know what that means, or where that is, but at least I found him. He is eligible for release in 2010. I have to find out where SSCF is.. cause I have no clue.
Southern State Correctional Facility is in Delmont, NJ. That is South Jersey and 20 minutes from where I live. Much better than Trenton although, keep in mind it is still prison. It is minimum security and the men live dorm style in trailers. They have more freedom and are not locked down most of the day. My husband was there in 2002 and back then the visits were awesome. However they have gooten a little more strict from what I hear. But certainly better than Trenton. PM me if you have more questions or need directions.
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