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I'm not a parent, but a wife and I have the same fears for my husband when he is released (16+ years inside). He has a lot of hopes and dreams and they're all very realistic. No pie in the sky here. But as grounded as they are, I worry the world won't be as welcoming. In prison he has all the props a man could hope for. He stays out of trouble, so he gets kudos for that. He is a good worker, so he gets boosted up for that. He is a solid mentor in several programs so that makes him a little bigger fish in a rather small pond. But out here? The same level of effort is bare minimum and no one is running around putting gold stars on our chests for doing it. I fear he will feel the impact of a competitive job market where just doing your job isn't enough and feel defeated.

But I can't control any of that. We've talked about it. I remind him that there are no chronos here to go in your file (write up for doing a good job). No one sits us down once a year to tell us how well we're adulting. He knows, but as you said...knowing and feeling, right?
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