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We do have a "Media Disclaimer" that is generally posted after requests for info for books, student papers, research etc. I'll post it here so you'll know what it says. Don't take it personal if its posted after every request for info you post, its not personal its policy that we do so:

Advisory for PTO Members Regarding Requests from Journalists & Members of the Media, and Students/Researchers:

PTO welcomes journalists and/or members of the media to learn and educate themselves about prisons, prisoners, and their loved ones, as well as students and researchers doing research on these subjects.

We will, occasionally, allow the media or students/researchers to request information and personal stories from our members. However, PTO does not endorse any journalist, member of the media, story/report, media outlet, student/researcher, or educational/research institution.

If you decide to communicate with a media representative or a researcher, then you assume all of the risks involved. PTO is in no way liable for the outcome of the story/report/paper. Communication with members of the media and students/researchers is completely voluntarily and PTO holds no responsibility for the consequences of that communication.

PTO does not screen or authenticate any person(s) claiming to be from the media or from an educational/research institution, nor does PTO authenticate their motivations for obtaining the information.

As always, the disclosure of personal information (either yours or someone that is incarcerated) may have some serious repercussions. PTO has no way of predicting how the media or any researcher will present your story or that of your loved one. Any relationship with the media or any researchers is to be entered into at your own risk.

If you receive an unsolicited email or private message from a person claiming to be from the media or researching information for an educational or research institution, report it to the PTO Administration immediately.

We also ask that yoiu give credit where credit is due and any info gleaned from PTO is cited as such:

Any information obtained from this site must be credited to and its members. Failure to follow these rules and policies will result in the request being immediately removed from the site and permanent banning of the media member(s) or students/researchers involved. (FOUND HERE)

In your posts seeking info, you must advise members that the informatin is for that prupose.

Happy writing....and good luck with your book!


patchouli, PTO Admin

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