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Default Question about PTO Rules

I have been a member of PTO for... ummm... A whole lot of years now (lol!) and I would like to ask a question about the rules if I may.

I am working on my second novel (my first is being published in late January) which is about my experiences as a prison wife. But I feel my views may be limited to my own experiences and I would like to represent a broad spectrum of family life with a loved one serving time.

I would like to know if I need specific permission from PTO to post occassionally asking our family of users about things like "The funniest experience in prison", "How to get along with guards", "How to tell your incarcerated loved one _______" and so on, fully sharing with the users that I am writing a book and am looking for original short stories for the book. I will not ask for any personal information, only ask for a Nick Name by which to reference each story, and also ask for editorial rights on the short stories they share.

If it's not ok, I totally understand and will cooperate with PTO completely. I love this community and wouldn't want to compromise my account.

Thanks for your time!

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