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Originally Posted by littlemamma
i called to day and they said that they are just revoking and that he more than likely won't get anymore time cause his new case is only a felony 5 and he got the max that a felony 5 carries. she said what will probably happen at the hearing is they will give him more time on paper (probably 3-5 yrs) and if he messes up again they will give him more time. but i have to send the parole board copies of my fiance's plea bargain papers cause there was a plea bargain made at the court hearing that his parole would not be revoked. and the parole board signed the plea bargain too so now they are going back on their word. which really makes me mad.....
At least you're on top of things...that's the spirit. Don't take NO for an answer and don't let them get you down. this too shall surely pass Sabrena

"...for this too shall pass..."
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