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Smile You are so RIGHT

Originally Posted by JennyMCa
Well he may have seemed casual when he reminded you and I'm sure it's on your mind a lot but I bet there's no moment when it isn't on his.

I don't know a lot about this but it seems like if they have a definite plan and have taken all the steps they can to start their plan in motion their chance of success with the parole board is better (so you hear and read anyway)

Obviously having you as a support system and a home waiting to go to will help too.


(((Jenny))) Girl you hit the nail on the head. Rodney called last night and we talked more about the next three years. He's been following the expected programs and procedures to the tee. He has not been in segregation for over 8 yrs. He honestly walks the talk. He doesn't bother no one and no one bothers him. (All Praise To GOD) He's involved in self-improvement programs. He's received a Certificate in Cullinary Arts.

Another one of Rodney's childhood acquaintances spent 2 1/2 yrs in one of the Institutes with him. He was released last years after serving 15 yrs. plus 3 months. I ran into this gentleman at a house warming party for his niece. He had the kindest words to say about my husband and expressed how much respect he had for me standing by Rodney. He told me things that literally had me crying (tears of joy)... Please don't get me wrong I knew without a doubt that my husband is walking the narrow road and holding his own so to speak. (thru God's Grace) But to hear another Good Man say such nice things about another Man, is breath-taking.

He told me that he believes that the path Rodney is going will prove to be the one case before the PB that they'll release him on his 1st PB Hearing. In all his yrs. being Institutionalized, he's never ran across a more sympathetic case as my husband's.

I don't intentionally try to sound negative about the final outcome. Just over the last 10 yrs., I've learned to Pray for the best and prepare for the worst case scenario. In the meantime, I support my husband by remaining a good, dedicated, & faithful wife. Rodney has my utmost respect. And you are absolutely right, I'll support him til the end because he's worthy of it. And he told me himself that he don't know what path he'd be on if it weren't for God's Grace & his wife.

Jenny, thank you for your comments. I so appreciate your thoughts. Sabrena

"...for this too shall pass..."
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