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I'm a big fan of JMAIL myself too, so to add to Mizzy's above comment I am posting a link to their website HERE

Jmail is basically a company operating from California and Florida - you sign up online and will have your own address book and mailbox with them. You type your letter to an inmate online and Jmail prints it out in either in their CA or FL facility and then sends it out in an envelope via U.S. Postal Services as domestic mail to the jail/prison. Your return address on the envelope will be c/o Jmail cc in Los Angeles, CA (you can also use your home address if you so choose).

When your pen pal writes back to your Jmail address, Jmail scans his/her letter in their system upon receiving it, and you will get an e-mail message saying you have a letter from an inmate. You then log in to Jmail website and unlock that letter...and you can see the scanned letter from your pen pal which you can download to your on laptop/computer if you wish (or print it out). They also have an option for mail forwarding where they keep your pen pal's original letters in your mailbox, and in addition to scanning them they mail the originals to you when you want, maybe a few times a year or as often as you want.

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