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Unhappy Emotional Breakdown! Fiance & 29 others shipped to Diagnostics Yesterday!

My fiance was 1 of 30 shipped in the early morning (3am) hours from Carroll County Jail YESTERDAY to Jackson for diagnostics. I guess we had already kind of settled and atleast felt for sure that it would defenantly be after Christmas, since they took 20 last week. So we just thought they wouldnt make another run again until after Christmas. Thats probably the worste wake up call I've ever gotten,this morning, hearing "this is a collect call from," and it was not him, he had a friend of his that didnt go call me this morning to tell me that he was gone and to pick up his property.Now the anxiety has taken over. I finally told myself that I have got to quit crying and be strong because it will keep him stronger and he will be able to tell through our letters on my emotional stattus by what I write about. Well thanks for everyone whos out there listening and reading my post. I really dont know what I would have done if I would not have found this site. All of the info that is here and all of the support that I see and hear from EVERYONE who is part of this great Georgia Family! Thanks so much, you all have ease my mind or answered so many questions just from reading the forums.
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