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Originally Posted by Halo527 View Post
I know . But that's a good point on the strikes, plus 12 years is still better than 15, and maybe the judge might still strike the enhancement, so I'll c if the lawyer can get the DA down to 12 and if not, figure out what to do from there.

By the way, my son said that some guys at county who came down from prison, said that they were not making people serve time for the enhancement, even if there was a violent offense. He's been given so much wrong jailhouse lawyer advise, that I don't want to encourage this line of thinking, especially if it's not true. He said that they are only considering a crime as violent if someone actually had great bodily injury. Have you heard anything like this?

If your sonís crime would be considered violent, then they are misinforming him.

Prop 57 started a slough of new rumors. His attorney will know best how that applies if at all.

The good news is, if it is violent he is still eligible to earn certain milestones and educational credits that were not available before. Thatís something he will learn about when he gets to prison, but it could lead to a significant reduction (months, maybe even a year or two) in addition to any good time credits depending on what he is eligible for and how much he programs.

There IS hope that he will be able to get home faster than that 12 year number. Or 15 year number. It WILL take time. But there is hope.
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