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Originally Posted by guardianangel3 View Post
this particular county is known for a lot of corruption, in fact 2 wks ago the prison was shut down while feds came in and downloaded computer hard drives, took paperwork etc.
The article about that search has nothing to do with administration of court proceedings but rather indicated that human resource records were seized. And even that process is NOT indicia of 'corruption' that has ANYTHING to do with trials...

in this case, the judge was changed 3 times (once due to health reasons), and this particular attorney historically did nothing but a few motions, never gave my son discovery, mostly argumentative and unhelpful (overworked?), etc. i overheard a conversation between the judge and he about 'dont lose this case because you cant do the job...'. IDK why the sudden backing out (after all this time), and unsure whether these guys are making up the rules as they go, but want to make sure I can step in if they arent doing things right.

all comments very helpful...will digest the info and fill my son in, thank you so much!
This case really has not been going on for very long in the grand scheme of things. Outside of someone that takes a plea early on, cases simply do not resolve anywhere near as quick as television makes trials out to be. As you have learned in this case, it can be several months to get all of the Brady materials, and even there, not all of that (if any of it) can be given directly to the Defendant.

You don't say WHAT the Motions were...or what the outcome of those Motions might have been. Some are proforma while others are case-specific and are laying the basis for future appellate avenues should the need arise. Also not discussed is whether your son has exerted his right to speedy trial. If not exerted, it is constructively waived...although it is ALSO not often wise to push for that if counsel is not ready for trial.

YOU won't be able to step in because YOU are not the Defendant nor are you able to act on his behalf in court. You CAN get a copy of the Rules of Criminal Procedure either in the library or (likely) by going online. That will at least let you know a little more about why things move at a snail's pace.
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