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He called today and i FINALLY got the automated thingy for him to add me to his phone list. I have been sooooo waiting on him to do that since I know that gets the ball rolling. I have already went to the store and faxed in the verification to MCI since they told me to go ahead and do that. So hopefully by Tuesday we will be all good and ready to set up prepaid. I know this has been making me down right impatient but I think more so I want it all to go right cause I know that Thursday I am leaving to go out there for 4 days and I will want him to be able to blow me up over and over even tho I will see him on the 14th. Its important to me. His brother is being released from prison on the 13th and I want them to be able to talk to each other since its been 2 years! Not only that but I will be able to run around with his brother and meet the rest of the family that I have yet to meet!!

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