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Default Legal/Paralegal Professionals and Advice

Disclaimer for Members (Legal Advice and/or Services)
Prison Talk Online does not endorse any legal advice or services mentioned in any place within the Prison Talk Online community.
We highly recommend that members and guests get the advice of an accredited legal expert whenever possible and never rely on just one source.

Legal Related Posts and Issues
Please be advised that post content that discusses legal matters, legislation, prison regulations and disciplinary procedures should not be taken as fact.
Members are advised to seek professional legal advice from a reputable, registered provider.

Professional Members
PTO welcomes professional members (lawyers, paralegals, etc.). Your input could be of enormous value to our members.
While we appreciate your professional input, we do not condone trolling this site in order to gain clients.
Any member approaching other members offering paid services (either by posts in the public forum, by private messages, or by email) will be warned and/or removed.