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Default Intro--omahasmama from North Carolina

I found myself reading posts as I would Google for information so after 6 months I have joined. Here is a brief history of my story. I drove my dad to prison where he surrendered himself for a 14 year sentence for a crime he did not commit. He is 70 years old, two time cancer survivor, 100% pacemaker dependent, diabetic and numerous other medical issues. The day I left him there I drove the 6.5 hour drive home to my mother. I stayed with her for a little while and told her I would see her tomorrow. My mother was confined to a power chair as she was a cancer survivor and had several strokes and brain hematomas. She was in her right mind and very sharp. I got home and told my husband that was the worst day of my life. NEVER say that before midnight. At 11:39 pm I got a call from the assisted living facility I had moved my mom in to 3 days prior since her caregiver was going away. My mother had apparently suffered a massive heart attack and was gone. I lost both parents within a 12 hour time frame. I know my mother is at peace and I honestly do not grieve for her. She can walk and dance again. She doesn't have to feel the pain of this world and this prison journey. My grief is with him because I cannot help him, get to him, see him when I want (I drive the 6.5 hour trip once a month). I cannot control his medical care, or lack there of. I grieve him so much that it controls my every thought. I am six months in and praying for an appeal win, but who knows. I wanted to share my story because it is one that not many can understand. I pray for everyone on the outside walking the prison journey. It is the hardest thing I have ever done.
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