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Originally Posted by missingherlots View Post
My daughter has been at CCWF since August 1 and will be meeting with committee soon. She is hearing that others are getting their sentences reduced significantly but her counselor is saying that she will not. What should she (and I) be doing to improve her outcomes?
Is this her reception committee or her annual (meaning she's been there one year already)?
If she's already through reception, the things SHE can do to improve her credit earnings are to hold a job, participate in education, self-improvement courses and of course, stay write-up free.

Be wary of comparisons-- one inmate have a completely different path than another due to nature of crime, number of incarcerations, behaviour once incarcerated. And the best thing you can do to help her is be encouraging of her positive programming. Support her going to school or working. You can't earn credits for her, but you can encourage her to seek them out for herself.
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