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Thanks Tasha005 and Rlfeelin.

It is a whole lot to read but it is fascinating to see just how much certain people are profiting from this and why they would be opposed to any reform that would reduce the number of prisoners or reduce the sentences that they are given.

I remember staying up late and reading all of it and then going back and rereading it because it was so much information. Amazing how Louisiana has turned prisons into such a profitable enterprise. It's even more astounding to realize that those profits are made by depriving the people incarcerated to access to programs that would help rehabilitate them. Those programs cost money which would reduce the prison's profit so those programs are not offered.

I had a loved one in Madison Parish at one of the "for profit" prison" and the conditions were pretty disgusting. Fresh fruit or veggies were almost non existent, usually just an occasional half of an orange or a quarter cup of shredded lettuce, maybe once a month or every few weeks. Phone calls were expensive, over $5 for 15 minutes and it costs $9 to add money to the account. If the phone call did not connect right, too bad, they STILL charged you and refused to refund any money.

Luckily my loved one is out of there now because it was just getting worse. They had recently announced that $1.47 a day was TOO expensive to feed the female inmates and they were cutting down even more. They also cut out the ability to mail order stuff from the outside supply company so now the inmates have to rely on the commissary for everything.
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