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Question Need help in writing appeal letter for visitation

Hi I was denied visitation with my fiancee. He is incarcerated at Algoa Correctional Center. I live in California and he's in Missouri and was given a 15 year sentence. I filled out the form and received a letter back stating it is not in the best interest of the offenders rehabilitation. I myself had been arrested for receiving stolen property which were crates from behind CVS I was using to pack things due to me moving. I did jail time and formal probation for 3 years which was in 2011. I then was arrested for under the influence put on 3 yrs informal probation only in 2012. I have not been in any other trouble since.His charges are drug related, driving without license. I can only visit him maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I'm thinking of moving out that way but not for a while. Can someone please help me or explain to me why I can't visit and help me write an appeal letter. He's been in 10 months now and I kiss him dearly. I would really appreciate any help
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