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Originally Posted by His_Queen2000 View Post
Has anybody heard about MDOC turning the honor house on in St. Louis in onto a low minimum jail like they did the one in Kansas City. Or is just a bunch of talk like everything else His iPO had him sign the paperwork for it but when he went back on there to ask when they are coming to get him he said they donít go there until there actual out date. But previously he told them they should be coming to get them this month or next month Im so confused!!!
Are you sure he didn't sign paperwork to be transferred to the Kansas City Re-Entry Center to start working towards outdate preparation. The KCRC is designed for offenders with 6 to 9 months left prior to their outdate where they will take classes and seminars regarding job application process, job interviews, job searching, and building their resume so they can transition back into society and re-enter the workforce shortly thereafter upon release.

Regarding your original post, it is a possibility that they are moving towards shutting down that facility as a release center and moving it to a level one incarceration center. The best source you can rely is contacting the Missouri Department of Corrections in Jefferson City and asking them directly.

The Department is moving in the direction on this side of state, Kansas City to making home plan and release upon the offender and their responsibility. Offenders on this of the state that don't have a home plan are being paroled to the City Union Mission Homeless Shelter if they don't have an approved home plan prior to release.

Yes that is correct, a homeless shelter and I have personally seen it happening.
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