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Default Massachusetts State Correctional Facilities

State Correctional Facilities

Visitor Dress Code
Standardized Dress Code letter to inmates
Codigo de Vestuario para Visitas
Codigo Estandar de Vestuario para Visitas y Articulos Permitidos

Bay State Correctional Center
BSCC is a small general population medium security facility. It houses both long and short term inmates and many inmates who are elderly.

Boston Pre-Release Center
Boston Pre-Release provides gradual transition from prison life to the community by means of reintegration through work release, education, and counseling programs.

Bridgewater State Hospital
Patients may be committed to this facility following the completion of their observation period if it is determined that they need further treatment and evaluation.

Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Correctional Unit
The Shattuck Hospital Correction Unit provides medical services to all Department of Correction inmates.

Massachusetts Alcohol and Substance Abuse Center
A truly unique Department of Correction facility housing two (2) very distinct populations: criminally sentenced, minimum-security, male inmates and civilly committed males participating in an up to 30-day detoxification program.

Massachusetts Treatment Center
Located within the Bridgewater Correctional Complex is a unique facility due to having a population of civilly committed Sexually Dangerous Persons as well as state prison inmates identified as sex offenders.

MCI - Cedar Junction
MCI - Cedar Junction is a maximum security reception center for male offenders in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with a medium security permanent workforce.

MCI - Concord
MCI-Concord has been designated as a medium security facility.

MCI - Framingham
The facility houses women at various classification levels, including state sentenced and county offenders, and awaiting trial inmates. This is the Massachusetts Department of Correction's only committing institution for female offenders.

MCI - Norfolk
MCI-Norfolk is the largest facility of its type in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

MCI - Plymouth
Through the years, many construction projects and renovations have lead to the modern and effective community correctional facility it is today.

MCI - Shirley
MCI-Shirley is located approximately forty-two miles northwest of Boston on the Shirley / Lancaster Line.

The North Central Correctional Institution at Gardner, as it is now known, is located on twenty acres of hillside near the Gardner/Westminster town line.

Northeastern Correctional Center
Our Mission begins with providing inmates with solid work ethics and programs with the objective of releasing them back into our communities with a clear direction of their future.

Old Colony Correctional Center
Historically, the name of Old Colony dates back to the founding of our Nation, and fosters a sense of hope and "new beginning."

Pondville Correctional Center
There are no walls or fences at this facility. Security is maintained through inmate counts and strict accountability procedures.

South Middlesex Correctional Center
As a Minimum Security and Prerelease facility for female inmates, SMCC is not within a secure perimeter and there are no lock-in cells.

Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center
The Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center was named in the memory of two correctional staff, Corrections Officer James Souza and Industrial Instructor Alfred Baranowski, who were killed at MCI Norfolk in 1972 during an aborted escape attempt by a convicted murderer.

Security Levels
Directions to State Correctional Facilities
State Correctional Facilities Visiting Policies

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