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Hi Michelle,

Welcome to PTO and to the Mass State Forum. I feel like I'm at a loss as to what to say to you. It seems that at your age you should be thinking about things like prom dresses and hair styles and whether or not to get your navel pierced. But since you're here, you're one of us, and I can tell you that while you may continue to be lonely for Craig, you'll never have to be alone. We're here for you, and among us we have a lot of good information about the Mass prison system and a lot of support we can offer you any time you need it.

Since I'm the "Strega Nona" of this group (that means grandmother witch), I'm going to give you some advice. Nobody knows what the future holds. Your guy may get a long sentence, or get out sooner than you expect. You might wait faithfully for him, or you might not. Since there are so many variables still at play in your life, what you need to do is take care of yourself so that you'll be ready for whatever the future holds. That means finishing up your education, training for a career, developing a network of friends and acquaintances that you can depend on.

If you think that the story of your life is "pathetic" right now, please, please believe this -- YOU have the power to change that. At 17, you may lack the self-confidence to think that you can expand your horizons and achieve really amazing things, but you can! I'm not trying to minimize how sad and lonely you feel. It's tough as hell, and we all know that. But Michelle, you can still move ahead with your life as you wait for Craig. Let yourself blossom into a strong, capable, self-reliant young woman that he'll be proud of.

Please stop in and post in the "Tea Party" chit chat room to let us know how you're doing. We're a very eclectic group of gals, all ages, many backgrounds, but we're all tolerant and supportive. You have a whole group of friends here, Michelle, and we're happy to share your good days and your lonely ones. I'm very glad you found us and decided to join. I think you must be resourceful young woman.

Take good care of yourself and keep posting, SunnyChick