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Default My girlfriend is in MCI Framingham

My girlfriend was just taken to MCI Framingham. I went and visited her yesterday, I was suprised at how open the visiting room is. I could give her a hug, and hold her hand and stuff, so that was more than I expected. I'd like to send some books, and be able to talk to her on the phone, but she's in there, and doesn't know anyone, and she can't seem to get anyone to talk to her about how to get canteen and phone calls and the like.

If any of you know anything about getting books and whatnot to inmates at MCI, I'd really appreciate it.

Unfortunatly after her charges here in MA are settled, she's going to be transported to Georgia, which is rough. Because from what I've heard, after even a short bid in prison, people get released on parole instead of probation, and that would prohibit her from leaving the state. She'll be stuck in Georgia.

Does anyone know if I send books to her in Framingham, if they will be transported with her to Georgia? Or should I wait until she gets there?

This sucks, I'm afraid.


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