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Originally Posted by a4r2i0n View Post
Hello! Bear with me here.....

My husband went from Alhambra to Lewis - Bachman Unit but then I realized it was saying "ASPC-L BACHMAN TRNST" on AZDC. So I looked on the day count sheet and sure enough, Lewis has a "few" Bachman Units and he isn't "actually" going to be staying on this Unit per say...

He classified 2/2 anyhow I called down to the Main on Bachman and she said that yes, in fact, he wouldn't be staying on the Bachman Unit, he's there until a bed opens. She then said they usually move them out within 1-2 days...from the transitory unit on Bachman

So, because I jumped on submitting my phone/visit app right away before recognizing he was still in a transitory unit on Bachman and not actually housed at Bachman... I am bumming that I have now added an additional "wait time" for my approval

Know anyone who has done this foolish'ness before ?? Will my app just get denied or will administration move it to wherever he lands? CO at Main on Bachman told me to call back tomorrow to "talk to them about it" and I'm assuming she was talking about calling administration on the unit ?

And for curious minds; he moved pretty fast through Alhambra - 8 days. He left county on 7/30/18 and left Alhambra on 8/7/18...
my son was just transferred to Lewis and is in the Morey unit. It was good to read your post because I almost jumped the gun too. I am having a hard time because he is on a 4 yard. I have heard many scary things about what they call this unit. sigh. focus on the positive.....its hard. Hopefully he wont stay on this yard.

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