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Default Brother arrested

Hello all
I just came upon this forum. I guess Iím looking for a community because there is no one in my life I can talk to about this. My brother was recently arrested on a serious charge. He is in jail awaiting next steps but a lengthy sentence is expected, and we canít afford the bail nor a private attorney for him. Iíve cried but mostly Iím in shock and forced to be the strong one because our mother is not dealing with this well. She doesn't know the details of his charges. I learned from one of the investigators and am keeping it to myself because she wonít cope. She will find out eventually. I donít live in the same state and am in town just for a brief period. I worry I wonít be here to comfort her when she hears. Iím a pessimist in general so trying to be hopeful in these circumstances is impossible. I donít know what to do, think, or feel. Itís only been a few days so I think it will get better from here as we will all get used to it to some degree, will become our new normal, but then I think about all the case details coming out and how that will play out. And how Iíll have to return back home and be alone and wonít be able to confide in friends. Just wanted to get some of the above out but if anyone here understands me, would love to hear from you. Thank you
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