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I read this online and felt this was interesting..This is an opinion FROM AN INMATE..One who probobally has gotten hundreds of responses over the years.."The woman who resonds and has romantic interest in a prisoner fits a profile: Overweight,unattractive,over 40,divorced.They have low self esteem,feel inadequate,and want to feel control and power over someone..These women have trust issues,insecurities,came from relationships with mental and physical abuse,so the relationship with the prisoner is safe.Where else can a woman have a man's complete attention and need her??? AGAIN this is an oppinion from an INMATE...I thought it was kind of interesting..As far as self esteem issues go Ive had them along with trust issues so I did see some truth in that..I've seen many times on here women being taken advantage by inmates that feed on their insecurities and pretty much tell them what they want to hear so I do see some element of truth in his opinion....He's making a generalization but I kind of wonder if a lot of inmates have this opinion when they put out personal ads and use it to their advantage.
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