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Originally Posted by hett89 View Post
Hi again!

I could use some help with a five minute card sort for the app, if you can spare the time or are bored It's cool, if ya can't. I understand that your goal in coming to prisontalk isn't what I'm asking but get the resources/support you need for yourself and/or a loved one.

Appreciate all the thoughts and feedback so far.


Takes about 5-10 minutes; easiest to do on desktop, laptop, or tablet. Anonymous and no wrong answer! If anyone has additional feedback, please let me know if the comments.
-Ex felon - served time
-39 years old
-Husband is about to be released after serving 20 years - this thread caught my attention and this link lead me to a page which ended up feeling like a game / quiz.

After reading the instruction, and dragging items from the list on the left side of the screen into the board or file categorizes in the middle, I immediately felt like I was taking a test, but realized how useful this will be for my husband to use, he has not touched a cell phone in 2 decades.

Now, I'm on the hunt for smartphone tutorials that hubby could use before unpackaging his 1st smart-phone

Thank you, keep up the good work and make those mountains move!
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