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Originally Posted by Firebrand View Post
What is a granny flat, Lexanianna? Australia to Sweden back to Australia,huh? I've been out of Texas rarely in my lifetime. Australia and especially Sweden sound like rather exotic places. Hope your boyfriend is doing well in the aftermath of his prison stay.
A granny flat is a mini apartment on someone's property. Usually where someone has rebuilt their garage. We live in a one bedroom granny flat that used to be a bigger garage. We have our own entrance, kitchen and bathroom.

I've been very fortunate. Being Swedish we get a lot of support from the government when we study and I was also working part time. Any job in Sweden is legally required to pay a wage big enough to live on. So between everything I made enough money to travel to Australia once a year, travel in Europe whenever I had a long weekend available, and once I graduated and started working full time to save up for a visa to Australia. I've managed to travel to 54 countries this way. But I was also extremely frugal with everything else. And my fiancÚ was supportive every step of the way.
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