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Default Ankle bracelet life!

So happy that my husband is home! Now this ankle monitoring is for the birds! He did the impossible - got a job with all his barriers - he's working full-time. He has the opportunity to work longer days but cannot because the ankle monitor regulations have become an issue. He was not told the in's and out's like if he is mandated to stay late at work so he would be late to get in the house he has to call a hotline not his PO. So he texted and called the PO of his schedule change - got no response but he's working so he can't be in his phone constantly. When he got home he got a call from his POs supervisor saying they could violate him because of this. Well we learn something new everyday with this ankle monitoring crap. Even though he is working he has a mandatory lock in day - so his one day off from work we cannot even enjoy the day. But at least he is home! Only a few more months of this!

This is still much better than Ft Dix - Schulykill- or Ray Brook! So I'm not complaining.
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