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Originally Posted by Woodys#1Lady View Post
My husband was just transferred there this week, I know he is in Orientation. But anyone know the process for Non Contact visits, I called the number at 9:15am and left a message. I guess they return the calls to setup an Appointment?? Then for regular visiting with Vpass appointment do they still do the car lineups in the early morning ?

Thank you!
It's been several years since my last KVSP visit, but we didn't lineup, then. They opened the lot to us around 7am and then people started lining up for their appointments around 7:30. It used to be the line formed up by the building, but my last few visits they were making us lineup at the canopy in the parking lot until 7:45. At the time, the photo ducat machine and change machine were up near the door to processing, so if they're still there you can go up and get your coins and come back to get in line. I wish I had more current info for you, but just in case no one else comes along, that's a start.
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