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Oh for goodness sakes...I am biting my tongue rather than just blurting out what I feel & think about all of this. Is there not enough going on that we have nothing more to discuss nude photos? However since this seems to be an issue for someone I can't seem to comprehend how you as a volunteer are able to see all this sex & nude photos you are voicing concern over. I understand where docwatch is coming from in in prewarning the possibilities just don't understand how you are getting soooo much 1st hand experince. I appreciate you letting everyone know that real contraband is a nuicance & does create additional problems for everyone. I do believe we would all benfeit from knowledge you have experinced while inside volunterring. Like excatly what is it you do & are you allowed in their cells? Please do share more insight. Just try to keep in mind that your approach to help may be coming out wrong with how & where you say it
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