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Really my only objective is to get in and out quickly. I don't want to get there and that not be able to do the test. I can tell the officer's get a little aggravated if you make them wait. Plus at reception they ask you if you're ready and if you say yes, they expect you to be ready. So I just want to make sure I can get it done. And it is all psychological. When I'm with my regular officer who I feel comfortable with there's no problems whatsoever, if it's someone else and they're looking over my shoulder I get nervous. Now I show up wearing sweats or shorts and a t-shirt, no pockets at all so no one can say anything. And so far I'm proud to say I'm totally drug free for the first time in a long time, and I'm more proud of that fact then saying I've passed all my drug tests. Because there are some jackasses that try to beat the test, which they can't do, and that will only result in revoking their bond, pissing off the Judge, and more severe punishment. It's just not worth it. I'll drink my liquids and let it flow at test time.

Robinhoodswife: thanks for your kind words. since the day of my arrest in June I have not used drugs nor alcohol (although I never was a drinker) and i have to tell you pending charges notwithstanding my life is better now then it was before! and what's more is i haven't found it to be hard work. i know i have no choice but to be drug free unless i want to await the outcome of my legal situation in county jail instead of working productively and spending time with my loved ones. so i have great incentives!

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