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Originally Posted by Sephora View Post
Oh my are a UTI and kidney infection waiting to happen. May the gods help you not get ill. Are you doing all this because you do drugs and need to fool the test?? If you are clean, you don't need to do all this for a test. You're just going to give yourself an infection.
I have been 100% clean without a sip of alcohol or any type of drug (except prozac and only 20mg) for 7 months. And ironically you say kidney infection, I had some major kidney stone problems and all sorts of procedures to rid myself of them that's why I DON'T drink tea. Too much oxilate. And my urologist would give me macrodantin if I got a UTI but I watch what I eat and no excess calcium, no oxilate, lots of leafy greens and stuff.

But let me be clear: I have no intent, desire, nor reason to fool any test, not too mention my tests are random, and like written above if you drink too much water they will know. Plus my pre-trial officer suggested drinking coffee before the test or a coca-cola but I don't drink soda. So that's how I do it....and my main motivation for adhering to this strategy is to get in and out, and not aggravate my pre-trial officer. Usually the whole thing takes 10 minutes max and I'm out the door.
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