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Here's what I do....I normally don't have problems but at times I do. If I'm not with my regular officer I can tend to be 'shy.' Since I know the night before that I'll be testing in the morning, I go to sleep without going to the bathroom. Then I wake up and drink a 32oz Gatorade G2. Then on the way to the test I go get a 20 oz coffee and drink that. Throw in a couple ice cubes to get it down fast. Then wait about 30 minutes and by the time you get to the test you'll be ready. That's my strategy and it always works. Not to mention I wake up, throw on some clothes, do the above, and head right for the test. Best to get it done first thing in the morning (7:30am) and most times I'm at the office before my officer and someone else carries out the test. Nonetheless, for what it's worth, my strategy works for me. I don't drink tea so I go the other route.
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