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YEP... Marseille:
Unfortunately the stereotype of hiring a ex-con is 100% real.Long term pay checks(legitimate/honest to good $$$ daily pay for them is so real)and i always try to remind my guy to remain "focus" but also realistic too at all times, and hope for the best, ya know."

Write the inmates/former inmate off completely yep. or of a "gang sign!"Why do some do this. I wish they would not. But most do. I am not saying he is en a gang.He claim, "Sweetness, i was never part of a gang."So, I D K. What i do know es he has a few visible near "eye area."

I'm in fear this will arise insofar as :

>Tattoo-face( only 3 stars small (directly near the eyes.)I am sure employer will pass him by but i hope "not all will."But, i get why they would."

>Tatt-all over arms, and well upper neck/chest visible.

>Also, his grammar i.e., in devoid of great or even a slightly-decent speaking skills from no home-train by no parent who took the time, at no time to help him/keep him in school.

I am so very happy i get to drive him from facility on job search regularly if not he utilize the free bus pass. But this is a concern of mine. I pray for him to get a job til he can make a permanent transfer live with me winter of 2018.But yep this all concerns me. I am a very positive woman.However, it still is of great concern.Time will tell. We begin his job search any day now.

Hugs and Blessings to all."Adios.
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