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and be willing to move. There may not be a lot of jobs in your geographic area. If the local factory just laid off 1000 people, if the local mine just closed in the last year, if your area is so economically depressed that when you go downtown more buildings are for sale than open for business, you might want to consider moving, even if on parole (talk with your PO before you actually move, get your paperwork and transfer in order). If you are competing with 50 - 100 other people for the same fast food job, you might want to cut your losses, move somewhere where "the odds are forever in your favor" and then work your ass off the first time you are given a chance.

Don't screw up your work history even more by having 10-20 jobs in the first year or two that you're out. Don't have a white collar crime and expect to handle money.

Look, the more you make yourself special, the less you are really competing. Have a felony with a GED? yeah, like Nickel says - every felon has a GED. Your GED is competing with high school grads, no felony for the same job. Get your AA in prison. Then, you'll at least have an AA (and a felony) competing with those same high school grads.

And learn how to interview, what to wear, and how to act. Have a good idea of what you need to say to the stock questions employers ask so that you come across as smart and competent, and not a smart ass (don't tell the manager that you're gunning for his/her job and expect to have it in a week or two, or at least by the end of the month because you're just that special). Be willing to acknowledge that you are actually going to have to learn your job, and that means asking for help before you waste employer resources. There is always a learning curve - be prepared to embrace it.

And be gracious if you are turned down. The last thing you want is a reputation among minimum wage employers - you really think they don't talk or warn each other? Have a meltdown in Wal-Mart and no grocery or big box store is going to even give you an interview.

OP - you really need to start your threads with more than one sentence. I know from your blog post that you're in school for massage therapy. Good. Look to your school's employment office - there are always work study programs that allow you to work food services or at the bookstore or doing janitorial services. Use it.

Crap-tastic jobs on the way to getting where you wanted to go:
For me, it was unarmed security guard at a museum on weekends. The museum was cool as all get out - it was a natural history museum, complete with a mummy. The problem was it was too close to a university football stadium. So close, it was the closest public restroom open outside the stadium, right near tailgate country. Yes, instead of being a docent for people actually interested in the museum, I spent too much time telling people where the bathrooms were, and then with the inevitable messes in the bathrooms. I was already a college grad, and I got paid .50 and hour above the minimum wage, but the mantra was, "... and I went to college for this..."
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