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Hi Greyson's_Mommy I'm sorry you haven't gotten a reply. I looked at Connecticut's DOC website, lots of info on visits, but there is no info on what you can bring in to visit for an infant. Part of what I've found isn't pertinent to your specific questions, but.....

Please note that the Department of Correction conducts a verbal screening process for all visitors, volunteers and vendors to assess risk of exposure of Ebola. Please also be advised, that visitors who are exhibiting flu symptoms will not be permitted to visit with offenders.
Visitors under the age of 16, or their legal guardians, must provide a valid birth certificate and one additional document containing the child's name (i.e., social security card, report card, etc.). These documents must presented each time the child visits.

Family and Friends Information

I hope someone who has visited with an infant will be along to give you some idea of what to take, but as a precaution you may want to call the facility.

patchouli, PTO Admin

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