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Originally Posted by Dulcita View Post
My Fiance has life and YES! I am 100% his....I can see why some people would hesitate on this question but its just one of those things that you think you could never do untill its infront of you and then you find you can. You just have to except it as your reality and commit to it. You can just enjoy the relationship and love the person because your not preocupied with waiting for a date in the future or living for "someday". For me what we have is amazing and I am hapier than I have ever been. What you give up is nothing compared to what you get. All you ladies that think you couldnt do it...dont be so hard on your could if it was necessary.

so your content with never having sex again in your life or are you allowed to cheat? Unless youve been a virgin all ur life and you just dont care about sex I dont see anyone never being able to experiance that ever again in life JMO
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