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Exclamation Help Wanted - Farquhar Visitation & Other Info

Hello Farquhar families & loved ones!

We could use your help in getting some updated info on visitation and other information on this facility.

As you have probably noticed, at this time we literally have nothing but contact info - the prison's address, phone number, and warden's name - in our sticky for this facility.

What we would LIKE to have for this facility someday soon is something along the lines of this sticky for St. Clair:

... especially specifically:

- Visitation Hours (or a general idea of how their schedule runs)

- Visitation Rules (especially if there are some major differences from what you see there at St. Clair)

- Whether or not they have a segregation unit ("the hole")

- Rules for inbound and outbound mail (limits on pages of letter, envelopes, pics, etc., and how mail to the inmate should be addressed)

- What can be sent in or out through the mail (especially books, paper, envelopes, pens, etc.)

- Can they have stamps sent in, and how many and how often

- Whether there's any difference in the procedure for sending money orders in

- And any other info you think would be helpful along all these same lines.

Pretty much most of the rest, like general stats about the prison, we have access to, but we could really use your help in getting some information together for this facility much like the one in the link above to St. Clair.

So please let us know if things are pretty much the same at your facility, or if there's differences and what they are. Feel free to just add to this post as needed if you can help!

Thank you!
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