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Originally Posted by formerUCJinmate View Post
The problem is these people are not trained to deal with it. Jail Guards are in the room "handling" the situation. These Jail Guards have no education beyond a weekly refresher course on how to mentally deal with people, nearly all of their training involves military style force. They are under educated and under paid for the job, Simple care in the Jail could have prevented this man from GETTING to crisis, but the systems the jails have in place are meant for the guards convenience and their union, not for the inmates, so the inmates get progressively worse as more force is applied to them. They are then dumped in the hospital as government mandated, but still there are no adeguately trained people to deal with the man. The entire system is rotten and broken and exists to feed the Police and their union.

I totally agree with your statement and it makes me wonder too with the so called inmate suicide that we hear of. I wonder how many of them are mistreatment of forced trauma that ensues death? but the coroner writes them off as suicide so as the families don't sue the state or prison system? especially when they know that most of these people live from week to week with no means of financial support to pay for an attorney, investigation and for an independent coroner?
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