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Originally Posted by kellydavid410 View Post
I can't wait. Less than 2 months for my big trip from Greece to Jersey
Wowzers, now that is quite a distance! Will this be your first visit to Jersey? Either way, I'm excited to read about it

Uff, the arguments, I think they are adorable now - I mean that's just because hubby and I don't argue, these days. Right before marrying him and a few months after were some of the only arguments we've had, so far - I'm actually preparing for post release / future arguments, but our arguments really bent me out of shape.

I was very fortunate to live a few doors down from his dad and not far from other family members that I vented to and visited weekly. His family is very much involved in his daily life, which meant they were informed when we were fighting or in a disagreement. Our longest disagreement lasted about 5 days in 2010 - we had both said awful things, each hung up one anther and then finally his dad took the call at my place and told Jr he was out of line - I think that was our last major fight / argument we've had.

The phone systems in California have changed so much since then, there is such little time to even catch up on the week let alone argue, but still, I go through high anxiety and mood swings when I have great news to share with him and he hasn't been able to call for 3-5 days, drives me so mad

Glad you guys smoothed things out - soon you'll get your hug and kisses
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