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Originally Posted by kellydavid410 View Post
I had an argument with my man yesterday. It was so frustrating that we couldn't continue the call and kept waiting for the call times to resolve it. We sent a few emails, well I did but it's so frustrating that for minor arguments it takes like 2 days to resolve them. I know that it's how it's gonna be and I can see how difficult it is not to have him in front of me. That one kiss would make up all the difference. We are good now but how do you deal with situations like this? Being mad and sad waiting for calls is very annoying. I think that working my ass off is the only thing that kept me sane

My wife and I had the same problem for a while after she went in. We solved it (more or less) by agreeing to discuss serious issues face to face on visits rather than try to do it in 15-minute increments on the phone.
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