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I checked out jpay's website and couldn't find out anything regarding their latest technology. It is rumored to be the units ADOC intends to use. The one news release dated back to 2015. The noted price then was $70.00 per unit. When I was in Lewis I was on Stiner but that pre-dates the big shake up in 2004. Even then there was some good tech being used by staff to detect cellphone use. In the dorm I was in there were at least 6 on any given day. Some of the youngsters would rent one and not be smart enough of when or where to use it. Staff would gang rush the dorm,tear the place to find the cellphone. I won't comment here as to how these smartphones are getting in or how much one costs. There have been a couple members of staff caught bring in 6 or 8 at a time. These are not burner phones either. Aryan Brotherhood seem to have had control of that market back then.

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