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She's still in prison, she needs to do something on her own to stay clean and start a sober life and lifestyle now and after prison. But only she can make that decision.
Right she will make her own decisions. That doesn't mean that I can't suggest things for her to do or offer my assistance. Most people probably don't consider therapy as an option and she doesn't have resources to pay for it unless she has insurance cover it or something, also might not have transportation because the town we live in is small and there is no therapy here. I'm giving her ideas and options. She will choose. I don't think moving away to a recovery home is the best idea but if that's what she wants and think is best then I'm all for it. I will still push staying close to her family and going to therapy above that though. In my opinion it's the better option. She doesn't know what is best for her totally because her judgment wont be great. She needs guidance. She was talking about going to bars early on. You think it's wrong of me to suggest to a meth addict to avoid bars? I should just support her in her decision to drink? Get your head on right! I'm suggesting THERAPY. How could that be a bad thing?! Crazy.

Nope, no savior complex or white-knight syndrome here. None at all.
Good lord.
I Threw that out there for bait for someone like you to pick up on. I'm as humble as they come. But besides that, there are plenty of threads here with praising men for supporting their significant others except when it comes to me I guess. But I am helping her. I know that.