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Originally Posted by Onetruemisfit View Post

This visit made me want to ease up on her a bit. I'm sure that I'm still going to be mentioning sobriety to her a lot and trying to push her in certain directions but maybe I can be more patient. She's going to be in there a while. After more and more visits, maybe she will trust me more. I'm not going to stop being me.

I don't want to start more controversy really but I was thinking and... to those of you who think I am trying to control her or force her to do things for her sobriety...

Does that mean you disagree with interventions? Where people try to convince someone to go to rehab?
People, yourself included, do NOT respond well to being forced to do stuff they do not want to do. But you know this already. Why do you feel it is your "right" to "push her in certain directions?" That will accomplish building a nice pile of resentment for the both of you. If she is going to make changes to HER life, it will be her choice. Give her encouragement and emotional support, when she needs it, and offer your friendship through this time she is doing. Ultimately it is her choice of how she lives her life. If you persist in pushing your agenda upon her, you will most certainly snuff out any chance of having a future with her.

Just relax and let this develop on its own. If it is going to happen, it will. By trying to manipulate it or coerce it, it is doomed to fail.
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